.                               FOX  TERRIERS

My association with Fox Terriers began quite a few years ago, I had wanted a Wire Foxie for a very long time, but there were none available, so I took, what I thought to be a good substitute, A Welsh Terrier, and although these look like "Mini Airedales" believe me they are not.

Whilst I believe that one Welsh on it's own would make an ideal pet, they do not do well in a multi-dog situation, or perhaps I just had difficult ones, I could not integrate them with the Airedales and Miniature Schnauzers that I had then, and although I bred one or two litters, I decided that Welsh were not for me.

I had by this time made friends with "Herbert" who belonged to very good friends of mine, Diana & Graham Thompson, who breed Smooth Foxies.  Herbert (CH: Stonecourt Seance) won me over, and I bought a puppy for Cecil's birthday (was supposedly for him) he is CH: STONECOURT SILENT KNIGHT OF BUXTON, or Jock as he is known to his friends.  Jock did well in the ring, and a month before his 1st birthday attained Best Puppy in Show at the Transvaal Terrier Club's Annual Championship Show.

Later still a friend asked if I knew of anyone who would take over her Wire Fox Terrier puppy, I told Diana about it, and we both went off to see "Topsy" and we decided that we would take her, and so began my sojourn with Wire Foxies.  As I already had a "Topsy" she was re-named "Maggie" and although she became a Champion she was not placed in any groups, she is now     CH: LANDI OF BUXTON.

Maggie was later mated to CH: ROSANTE MISCHIEF  BREWIN' they produced a litter of 5 puppies, one of which went to Diana to be known as BUXTON  STORM BREWIN aka "Vonda".   A repeat mating produced  CH: BUXTON PROFIT-ABEL who is better known as "Mr Fingerprints" so named by Diana's daughter, Hannah who was 4 at the time, I had given him the name of "rabbit ears" as the black pattern on his back looked like erect rabbit ears, but Hannah decided that it looked more like fingerprints, and he has been known as Mr Fingerprints ever since.  Fingerprints has done very well in the show ring as well, being placed a couple of times in Terrier Groups, and at the Transvaal Terrier Club's Championship Show he was awarded 4th Best in Show.

In the meantime Jock had been used at stud, and a puppy was taken as a stud fee, she is STONECOURT STORMY WATERS OVER BUXTON, aka 'Sallymanda' who herself has now produced a litter of puppies, one of which has been kept, and is known as  BUXTON WALK ON WATER.   "Manzi" ("AMANZI is the Zulu word for 'water') has done very well in the ring the few times she has been shown, being awarded Best puppy a number of times, then at the last two shows that I took her to, she was awarded Best Puppy at Transvaal Terrier Club's Championship show 9.5.2004, and the following day at Smooth Fox Terrier of Transvaal's Championship  Show she attained Best Puppy In Show.

Unfortunately I was unable to bring any of the Foxies to England with me, so they all reside with Diana & Graham in South Africa.

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