My association with Airedales began whilst I was still at school in England.  I was playing with a friend, when down the road, came what we thought was "An Animated Teddy Bear".  But when it got closer I discovered that it was an Airedale.  (Don't ask me how I KNEW it was an Airedale, as I was into horses at that stage) I told my friend that THAT was the dog I was going to have when I grew up.
It took about 10 years and a few thousand miles before I achieved that aim.

My first Airedale was a Wedding Present from a lady I worked for who had the "DULWICH" Airedales in Durban, Natal.
She was DULWICH MELODY OF BUXTON, and she was soon joined by DULWICH TEMPO OF BUXTON.
So began my long association with the wonderful breed we all know as the Airedale.

     STUBBORN.... Oh yes, but so are all people of character.

                  LOYAL:.... Yes to the death if necessary

                            GOOD FRIEND:....Always!

               CLOWNS & ENTERTAINERS....Without a doubt.

                          WATCH DOG....The very best!

My kennel name "BUXTON" originates from a property that we owned in Cape Town, known as "Buxton Farm", only much much later did I realise that the town "Buxton" is close to where the Airedale originated.