Pedigree of: S.A: CH: Buxton Storm In A Teacup
Sex Dog Reg No. BQ015983
Date of Birth 27/3/1999 Breed Airedale Terrier
Owner Y Murgatroyd (De Klerk) Breeder Y Murgatroyd (De Klerk)
Colour & Markings Black & Tan Call Name Monty
Comments Many Group Placings.
SA. ZIM & ZAM CH: Jokyl Strongheart Of Kirsuda ENG: CH: Jokyl Something Hot ENG: CH: Jokyl Lucky Strike Top Sire & Top Stud DOG 1998 Ginger Voila Of Stanstead Double Dutch Of Clare
Drakehall Diadem
ENG: CH: Jokyl Another Smartie J.W Jokyl Smart Set
Jokyl Swanky Pants
ENG: CH: Jokyl Something Else J.W Jokyl Treble Chance Purston Treble Three
Jokyl Swanky Pants
Something Special For Jokyl Jokyl Gallipants
Sarakel Great Expectations
Jokyl Easter Song ENG: CH: Jokyl Gallipants Top Airedale 1983,84. Top dog all Breeds 1983. top Sire 1985,86,87,89,90,91.Top Terrier Sire 1987 ENG: CH: Siccawei Galliard Bengal Flamboyant
Siccawei Impudent Miss
ENG: CH: Jokyl Smartie Pants Jokyl Smart Guy
Jokyl Dolly Rocker
ENG: CH: Jokyl Another Smartie J.W Jokyl Smart Set Jokyl Smart Guy
Jokyl Cinderella
ENG: CH: Jokyl Swanky Pants Siccawei Galliard
Jokyl Smartie Pants
SA CHAMPION Buxton We Will Rock You Danien Steeplejack S.A: CH: Albenor Sargas Of Buxton Valenbri Copper Tan Buxton Jet Merlin
Valenbri Hey You
S.A: CH: Devonne Seamist Of Albenor Buxton Friendship
Albenor Emerald
S.A: CH: Keelawee Moomba Miss Of Buxton S.A: CH: Rangeaire Ayres Rock Of Albenor Rangeaire Rambo
Rangeaire Rock 'n Roll
S.A: CH: Aimee Of Keelawee Buxton Shockwave
Tweedale Colleen
Dulwich Latent Talent Of Buxton S.A: CH: Ladsacre Courtier Of Glentops Addition To Glentops J.W Jokyl Gallipants
Glentops Ace O' Diamonds
Glentops Another Krystal Glentops Yentl
Glentops Wild Clover
S.A: CH: Dulwich Georgy Girl S.A: CH: Rink A Dink Dink Happy Chance Of Glentops
Countess Niaomi
Dulwich Velvet Noah Of Dulwich
Ntontela Vanite Box Of Dulwich